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For those looking to change things at home by advancing their interior décor, consider statement lighting, consider adding statement lighting to any of the Chicago apartments. Statement lighting is one of the simplest and most stylish ways of creating a warm atmosphere at home. Through stunning, unique and well-designed lighting ideas, your interior décor can soon get that much-needed impetus towards a more welcoming home.


  • Gray Table Lamp with Marble Base

This lighting product consists of a metal shade, contrasting copper, heavy marble base and clean lines – all elements that come together in creating a true statement lighting masterpiece. This product contains a grand juxtaposition of two-toned marble smoothness, against a matt finish of the soft gray metal shade and a high shine of metallic copper alongside a playfully orange colored cord. Thanks to an angled head, this unique statement lighting piece creates directional lighting with an ambient, diffused glow.

  • Copper Angled Floor Lamp

Designed for any room in your home, the copper angled floor lamp comes with a wide base to prevent it from getting knocked over easily. The sleek industrial style design is the perfect choice for brightening up the interiors.

  • Yellow Pineapple Lamp

This extremely stylish and handmade pineapple shaped lamp comes in a bold yellow hue that features the texture of an actual pineapple. This is the perfect addition for playfulness and fun to a bedroom or living room.

  • Mint Table Lamp with Marble Base

Consisting of clean lines, contrasting copper, metal shade and a heavy marble base, the mint table lamp with a marble base delivers something quite special and sumptuous. The lamp contains a great juxtaposition of two tone marble smoothness with a delightful monochrome cord, a matt finish of soft grey metal shade and a matt finish of soft grey metal shade.

Whichever route you decide to take in incorporating some stylish, statement lighting into your apartment, keep in mind the ways in which lighting can affect the mood and appearance of a room. Stick to the style ideas that resonate with you, and make sure your final choice is something that is suitable to a place you want to spend your time.

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