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As you’re planning a special Mother’s Day brunch for the woman who has given you so much, you consider your menu, how you’ll serve the food, and when you need to whip up some delicious food. You carefully put together the guest list and do everything possible to plan a happy celebration in your Chicago apartment. Make the meal even more wonderful and memorable by carefully selecting and placing the decorations you choose. Here’s a quick guide to doing just that.


Mother’s Day is always in early May when spring has sprung in Chicago, Illinois, so select your decorations accordingly. Place a lovely bouquet of fresh flowers as the centerpiece for your brunch table. The colors could be a range of those that reflect the season, such as bright yellows, pinks, and reds or soft pastels. Try to incorporate your mom’s favorite colors and flowers into the wonderful arrangements.


Your decor for the brunch table can include placemats, a tablecloth, napkins, and plates that tie in with the holiday’s theme. Use neutral-colored plates such as white or clear glass, accented by napkins or tablecloth in colors and a style that complement your floral centerpiece. Or opt for neutral-colored accessories if you’ll use plates that have some color and elaborate designs.


To cheerfully welcome your mom and guests to the Mother’s Day festivities, decorate the door with a beautiful springtime wreath that incorporates brightly colored flowers or greenery. Inside your home, place candles and small flower vases on various tables. Keep your color theme consistent among all decorations inside and outside.

You know your mom and her preferences well, so consider what she would love when deciding how to decorate for your holiday brunch. If you need feedback on ideas you’re considering, talk with a family member or friend. Your mom is sure to appreciate all your efforts toward this memorable party. If you need the perfect location for your Mother’s Day brunch, our Chicago apartments would fit the bill. Call our office today to see which floor plans are still available and schedule a tour.

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