3 Travel Tips for Spring Vacation

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Hotel RoomThe high cost of travel has many people looking for ways to trim the fat without slicing into their fun and relaxation. Here are some spring travel tips we hope community members on The Montrose in Chicago, Illinois, put to good use.

Book a Room With a Food Amenities

When budgeting for spring travel, it’s important to look beyond the face-value cost of a room. Consider what you will be getting and how that will impact overall travel costs. Refrigerators and microwaves are good examples of upfront costs that can more than pay for themselves. The ability to store food for the duration of your stay reduces the much greater expense of eating every meal out. If you have a microwave, that ups the ante on what you can make in the room.

In many cases, booking a room with a mini kitchen can lower your overall travel expenses and augment relaxation time. Dining out can be enjoyable, but it also involves traveling to and from restaurants, as well as a hefty price tag. Easy to prepare foods can provide a nice alternative and more time poolside.

Book Places With Complimentary Meals and Snacks

There’s generally a great interest in which hotels have the best complimentary foods. If you go on social media, there will be reviews about the quality of continental breakfasts, “manager receptions” and even things like full-buffet dinners. They range from comfort food to homestyle to fine dining in some cases.

When trying to gauge the cost-effectiveness of these convenient meals, check out the online reviews and balance that against the overall cost of the stay. Some hotels highlight food costs by providing an inclusive versus non-inclusive room fee. Do the math on dining in or going out.

Discounts on Hotels and Plane Tickets

Most airlines provide deals in two basic ways. If you book travel far in advance, the rate tends to be considerably lower. So, advanced planning can save you money. More spontaneous travelers discover that unsold airline seats can drop in price at the last minute. These big companies would rather get something than nothing for an underbooked flight.

Hotel prices work in a similar fashion. Advanced booking can be cost-effective. Last-minute stays, not so much. But the other way to save money on rooms is to tap into shoulder-season pricing. For example, just days before Memorial Day, rooms may still be purchased at off-season prices.

The nice thing about shoulder-season travel is that you are experiencing the same nice weather as just a few days ahead. Also, the overwhelming crowds have not begun. Fewer people means shorter restaurant wait times. You may also find that area eateries and gas stations still offer lower “locals” prices. Basically, off-season vacations tend to be less expensive.

We hope our residents enjoy these travel tips. If you or a friend would like more information about our Chicago apartments, call us today.

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