Tips for Keeping Vinyl Wood Floors Clean and Beautiful

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The Montrose Floor PlanVinyl wood floors are a beautiful type of flooring known for its durability and overall style. Many of the apartments at The Montrose feature them. Residents love just how good they look, but also how easy they are to maintain. To keep these floors looking their best, you’ll need to know the right way to take care of them.

It’s an Easy Process

Vinyl wood floors can become damaged or dull over time. This often occurs when they are not cared for in the best manner possible. Yet, the process for keeping these floors clean is a bit easier than you may realize. Here are some tips.

#1: Dust and Sweep Often

Whether you use an automatic robotic to sweep the floor, a broom or an electric vacuum, debris needs to go. When there are even small bits of debris on the floor, people can step onto it, and smash it into the flooring. This makes the floors dull and hard to keep. Plan to sweep the floors often to remove this material.

#2: Limit Chemical Use as Much as Possible

You will always want to use the mildest method possible to wash the floor. A mild soap is less likely to damage the coloring or the overall feel of the floor. Use a clean mop, a small amount of floor cleaning product without any abrasive material in it and hot water to clean the floors. A small amount of water on the mop is usually all it takes.

#3: Don’t Wax Them

These wood floors do not need any type of waxing added to them. This can damage the wood and makes it dangerous to walk on. If you need help with a floor that has damage on it, let your maintenance team know about it. Deep cleanings are not usually necessary either.

It can be very simple to keep vinyl wood floors clean. Being consistent extends the life of it.

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