5 Soundproofing Hacks for Apartments

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Apartments in Chicago, IL can be noisy. Even if you have polite neighbors, the fact is noise travels easily. You may hear children running across floors, toilets flushing or a loud television playing at any given hour. Having a sanctuary within your apartment free of noise is invaluable. Here are the top soundproofing hacks for your Chicago apartment (no construction required).

Throw Down a Throw Rug

Although you may be a fan of all things minimalist, empty spaces within your apartment could be creating an echo effect. Sound could be traveling around the room and bouncing right back to you. Although wall hangings and drapes are helpful, focus on your flooring. An area rug, especially a plush style, will help absorb the sound in any room.

Curtains Galore

Heavy drapes are a must if you’re looking to cut down on any noise coming in from the outdoors. However, door curtains can also be a low-cost soundproofing hack. Use curtains to completely cover your entrance doors as well as any doors leading out to a deck or patio. Before you use curtains, check for any gaps in the doorways and windows that could be contributing to the noise level.

Put Up a Bookshelf

A bookcase is a perfect soundproofing hack — especially if you have a shared wall with a neighbor. Choose a large-sized bookcase and fill up each shelf with as many books as you can. As a bonus, guests to your apartment will be very impressed with your reading collection.

Rearrange the Living Space

One of the easiest fixes for too much apartment noise may be resolved by simply moving around the furniture in each room. Can’t sleep at night because of too much noise next door? Move your bed away from the shared wall. You could also place a television against any shared walls.

Wall and Ceiling Textiles

Decorate a space using noise reduction for inspiration. Canvas, foam and rubber are all textiles that will absorb and block out sound. Use tapestries, canvas wall prints, textile mats and more to decorate any open space on your walls and ceilings.

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