Simple DIY Apartment Feng Shui Tips

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PlantFeng Shui is the ancient Chinese art form of optimizing interior spaces for the best possible living environment. Done well, Feng Shui allows you to feel inspired, energized and also relaxed at home. You may even enjoy better physical health, more career success and increased financial abundance.

The following are some easy things you can do to enhance the vibe in your Chicago apartment:

Declutter Your Chicago Apartment

Minimizing clutter is perhaps the most foundational Feng Shui principle. With Feng Shui, less is often more. Strive for a minimalist feel, get rid of extraneous items, clean and dust regularly and keep your apartment as organized as possible.

Natural Elements

Adding items from nature to your home enlivens the space and increases the life force energy (qi) flowing through it. Plants, shells, crystals, driftwood and pine cones are just a few examples of natural elements that can help to enhance your decor. Elements from nature can do wonders for the atmosphere of your home.

Improving Health

The eastern end of your Chicago apartment is associated with physical health and well being. Place a natural item such as a plant or shell in this area to increase the flow of vital rejuvenating energy in your home.


The relationship area of your living space is the southwest corner. Energize this area by placing an item of value here, such as a sculpture or other piece of artwork. Placing a beautiful scarf or other brightly colored items can also inspire and optimize the relationships in your life.

Wealth and Career

The southeast corner of your living space is associated with financial wealth and abundance. The northern part of your home is a secondary wealth area and is associated with career success, including auspicious business partnerships and client connections. Enhance these areas by placing something of value here. The colors red, purple and metallic gold can all have an energizing effect on your career and finances.

Feng Shui is a time-honored tradition practiced in Asian countries for thousands of years. While special charts and numerous considerations are required to conduct a full Feng Shui interior design treatment, these ideas can help get you started.

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