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Apartment Living Cleaning Tips

Anybody who has attempted it knows that it is quite difficult to clean floor-to-ceiling windows or any other piece of glass that is high up for that matter. You might have gone so far as to get a ladder or a chair with some paper towels. Before you decide to call it a day or call the professionals, read on to find out an easier way to clean the full-length windows in your own Wrigleyville apartments.


  • A microfiber cloth is the best for cleaning glass as it works fast and produces fantastic results without the help of chemicals or cleansers. You can get the specially designed window cleaning cloth, which has microfiber on one side and synthetic drying chamois on the other. This will let you clean and dry the window with the same cloth.
  • Attach the cloth to the end of a telescoping tool with a squeegee attached to it. It spreads out the microfiber cloth lengthwise and affords even pressure across the fabric for quick cleaning. All you have to do is get the pad damp with water and you can clean easily across the full length of any floor to ceiling window or skylight. This does away with the need to use sprays or chemicals and lets you achieve amazing results with just a cleaning pad.
  • You can machine wash microfiber cloth as many times as you want. It can skim the surface and lift up and lock in all the dirt that it comes into contact with. Once you have cleaned the window spotless, flip the telescoping tool to the squeegee to dry it and remove all moisture from the glass.

It can be very expensive to call a professional cleaning company to clean your ceiling length windows, and it can be a pain to do it yourself if you do not have the right tools. Dragging a ladder around take a lot of time and energy apart from being a safety concern. Most of all, gathering a few store bought tools can save you a lot of money and effort. Follow the aforementioned tips and you don’t have to stretch, strain or sweat to clean your home. Enjoy the results!

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