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Around Town Best of Chicago Special Occasions

Potent as the arrow of cupid, Valentine’s Day is an intoxicating time of the year. You get to wear your heart on your sleeve and make your loved one feel special. Are you looking for the perfect place to go shopping for Valentine’s Day in Chicago? These places are located just a couple miles from Chicago apartments. Read on to find more.



  • Mary Mary Gifts – The ideal store to find a romantic gift for your special someone, Mary Mary has a wide variety of unique collectibles to remind you of the days gone by. Whether you are shopping for a vintage bag, old-fashioned jewelry, a home décor item or an antiquated clock, they have unique gift items that are bound to leave a lasting impression on your sweetheart. Situated just a few minutes away from the Magnificent Mile, this enticing and crafty gift store is worth your time.
  • Fleur De Lis Florist – A floral bouquet is a perfect way to express your sentiment. If you are looking for nothing less than the most stunning floral arrangement, look no further than this trendy boutique in the district of River North gallery in Chicago. With more than 30 years of expertise in the business, they go the extra mile to give you personalized attention. From everyday flower deliveries to weddings and corporate events, they have a wide range of services. They also offer classes in floral design to create your own special arrangement.
  • The Fudge Pot – For the most delectable and sweetest Valentine’s Day gift ever, there is no substitute for the delicious and bespoke chocolate delicacies prepared right in front of your eyes in Fudge Pot. Located along the Gold Coast, this family owned Chicago business makes the most decadent treats in the area. From truffles, to chocolate-covered strawberries, to fudge and caramel apples, their scrumptious treats are every chocolate lover’s dream.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for in any of the romantic retailers listed above, carve out some time to take a stroll down Michigan Avenue. Do a little window shopping and wander into the stores that look like they have potential. By going to any of these locations, you are bound to find something that suits your sweetheart perfectly.

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