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The Uptown neighborhood on the Northside of Chicago is a culturally-rich community that is filled with many great parks. These parks offer community members and residents of Chicago apartments picturesque scenery, family-friendly recreation and a diverse array of activities and special events. For over a century, the Uptown neighborhood has been one of Chicago’s most valued entertainment districts. If you’re ever strolling around the neighborhood, be sure to check out these great parks:


Montrose Beach Park

Located on the beautiful shores of Lake Michigan, Montrose Beach Park is a popular recreation destination for dog walkers, volleyball players, and kayakers. There are numerous food vendors, public showers, restrooms and even a non-motorized boat launch. Moreover, this is an ADA accessible park, which makes it inviting for all people. The natural beach area attracts many migratory birds throughout different times of the year.

Clarendon Park

Clarendon Park sits on at least eight manicured acres of land just west of Lake Shore drive. There is a public field house that contains clubrooms, a fitness center and also a gymnasium. Outside, there are two softball fields, a basketball court and also a dog-friendly area. The park offers a variety of recreation opportunities that make it ideal for all ages.

Margate Park

Margate Park sits within the grounds of Lincoln Park in the Uptown neighborhood. It includes a dog-friendly play area, ADA accessible playground and a large community garden. This park offers an abundance of green spaces and numerous activities close to the waterfront. Visitors often visit the park to ride bikes or jog along the picturesque shoreline. Additionally, there are volleyball and basketball courts and some nice areas for an afternoon picnic. Margate Park is also a location for annual special events, youth summer camps and after school programs. Furthermore, this park is especially popular for yoga and Zumba classes.

Puptown Park

Puptown Park is known as one of the most dog-friendly parks in Chicago. It offers a fully enclosed area for dogs to roam around without needing leashes. Puptown Park is unique because it does not receive any financial support from the city. It relies solely on a group of volunteers and community members to keep it clean and accessible for everyone. Volunteers typically hold numerous popular fundraising events in order to support this park for future generations. Overall, Puptown Park offers a unique sense of community where dog walkers typically bring their pups for daily adventures.

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