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There are many different types of dwellings in which you can choose to live. However, some prefer the townhouse for its unique characteristics, spacious layouts and ability to feel like a home. Many apartments in Chicago offer this roomy yet cozy feel. Here are five major reasons why you should choose a townhouse for your next home.


1. They Feel Like A House

All townhomes have an upper level and some even have a basement. They have the ability to feel like a house even if they’re a rental unit. They are spacious and can accommodate a growing family.

2. They Are Inexpensive

One of the best perks about a townhouse is the fact that they look like a house, but they cost a great deal less than one. They are not an apartment, but they are priced as such.

3. You Save On Utilities

When you are sharing walls with another unit, you not only get the warmth from their space, but you have an additional layer of insulation. The unit connected to yours will help to shield you from the fierce winter winds. They also can be easier to cool too due to the insulation factors. Watch your utilities drop when you are connected to another unit.

4. Little To No Yard Upkeep

The greatest perk of all to townhome living has got to be the little to no yard maintenance. Depending on the community you select, such as that of Pensacola Place, you may not have any yard work to keep up. This leaves more room for you to keep your townhome organized and clean.

5. So Many Options

With a townhouse comes a plethora of options. Many of the units are a part of a development that has amenities like pools, tennis courts, playgrounds and laundry facilities. However, most allow you to have your own washer and dryer and full-size appliances. When you step inside one of these units, most say that they feel just like they’re in a home. What could be better than having all that space and the appearance of a home, but not having the big expenses attached to a single family home?

Townhouses like the floor plans available in the The Montrose community are located in close proximity to happening locations like Uptown Chicago. They are a great place to raise a family with options and room to expand.

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