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A walk-in closet can provide storage opportunities far above and beyond anything you’d find in a traditional closet, but if not organized properly, a formerly tidy walk-in space can quickly become a disaster zone. Struggling to keep the walk-in closet in your Chicago apartment neat and organized? No worries — just implement the simple organizing tips highlighted below:


  • Use a shoe rack. A shoe rack is an absolute necessity for any walk-in closet, especially if you have an extensive footwear connection. A variety of shoe rack options is available, including hanging shoe organizers, expandable racks, shoe cubbies and even revolving shoe trees. No one solution is ideal for every closet, so it is important to think carefully about the number and type of shoes you wish to display before making a final decision.
  • Create easier access for high spaces. Far too many apartment dwellers fail to utilize the vast amounts of closet space above their reach. Struggling to access those underused storage spaces? Consider installing pull-down closet rods or investing in a simple step stool. The items you place in higher areas should be seldom used, and more important items should be immediately visible.
  • Make seasonal adjustments. The closet layout that meets all your needs during the summer months may not be as practical when winter arrives. Rotate out clothes and footwear to make the items you currently need more visible. Plan to rearrange your closet once in preparation for summer and again as winter approaches.
  • Use baskets. If your drawers are all overflowing, consider storing underwear, socks, accessories and other unfolded items in baskets. Not only are they easy to access and easy to organize, baskets can reflect your personal style and add a chic element to an otherwise drab closet.
  • Stack clear plastic bins. If baskets aren’t your style and you’re alarmingly short on space, try storing items in stackable plastic bins. These bins can be stored just about anywhere, and are thus ideal for out-of-season items.

An organized closet is the first step to an organized life, and at The Montrose, we’re all about tidy, homey apartments. Reach out today to learn more about our spacious floor plans.

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