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As a resident of Buena Park, you get the best of both worlds. You enjoy a nice, safe community, while having access to all the great events, restaurants, and other festivities going on in Uptown, in Chicago, IL. Like many metro areas, Uptown is a great place to visit. It’s close to great apartments in Chicago, offering the locals who want the best of both worlds a great option.


This year is the eighth year of The Windy City RibFest, an event in which local rib cooks seek to shock the locals by creating rib masterpieces. When you visit, make sure you have an empty belly so that you can sample every rib cured to perfection in secret sauces.

Beyond ribs, The Windy City RibFest offers visitors a plethora of activities, including live music each day of the Fourth of July weekend, arts, crafts and activities for your children.


If you are new to the area, then getting to know others can be difficult. Fortunately, Uptown Saturday Nights is a series of concerts at various venues throughout Uptown where you can get to know your fellow Chicagoans. By having the concerts at different locations, you can also explore your entertainment options in in Uptown’s Entertainment District.


The Fete de la Federation is a celebration of the day in which the French united. Chicagoans, welcome the opportunity to celebrate Bastille Day because they are honoring their rich heritage of diversity.

Bastille Day Chicago at Montrose Beach in Chicago is an exciting event. It includes picnicking, live music, waiters’ race, movie screen and more. Many apartments in Chicago are near Montrose Beach, making it convenient for everyone to partake in this festive event. If you snooze you will lose. The events start at 5:30 P.M. and end at 9:00 P.M.

Summer in and around Uptown and Buena Park is one of the best times to live in the area. With so much going on, it’s often hard to make a decision between two of your favorite locations. To learn more about other activities going on in the area, we encourage you to stop by the office and inquire about all the event happening around the area.

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