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You may have found the absolutely perfect Chicago apartment,but you’ve still got to go through the pain of moving. When you change your apartment, you’re changing your life, and the details can be overwhelming. That’s why we’re letting you know about, a new app that will take care of all the little details that make moving such a pain.


Updater is a web app that we’re offering to all of our residents. It’s designed especially to make moving easier, taking care of all those countless details that are so easy to overlook. It lets you stay organized and save time throughout your entire move, while guiding you through the moving process, into our community.


Updater takes care of all those little things that might slip your mind while moving. It will update your online accounts such as frequent flyer account with airlines, magazine subscriptions and even online venues where you shop. Instead of changing your address at dozens or hundreds of spots online, tell Updater and it will do it for you.

You’re going to need utilities in your new home, and Updater will take care of that for you. It will search out the best deals from cable and internet providers, phone companies and other home services in the area. It will even schedule appointments for installation.

Renter’s insurance is a must-have for new residents, and the Updater app will seek out companies to find the best insurance estimates for you.


Updater can even help with moving day itself. It will schedule up to three in-home estimates with local moving companies, all reputable firms the Updater has already pre-approved. It will find discounts on moving supplies, and even take care of sending out moving announcements to all of your friends, family and acquaintances.

You’ve toured our community and found that this is the ideal place for you and your family to live. Don’t make the process of moving more difficult than it has to be. Call our office and let us walk you through the process of using Updater. Your move-in day has never been so smooth.

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