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The Montrose Apartments in Chicago, Illinois offers great fitness-related amenities, including a 24-hour fitness center, World Gym and swimming pool. At the same time, those who enjoy being out and about will find there are also some great places to exercise in Chicago itself. Following are just some of the many places where you can get a good workout.


North Avenue Beach is a great place to go if you enjoy playing sports, as the open air sports facility there offers roller hockey and dodgeball classes. Alternatively, you can travel there with friends and play beach volleyball, soccer or other team sports. At the same time, those who enjoy exercising on their own can walk, run, jog or go wakeboarding, kayaking or paddleboarding on the lake.


This park is the place to go if you want your kids to get good exercise. There are playgrounds, a skating ribbon, a huge (but safe) climbing wall and a miniature golf course. You can also play tennis on the tennis court or go for a walk, jog or run around the park.


Swimming is a great form of exercise. It burns lots of calories, provides a full body workout and leaves you feeling refreshed. Olive Park Beach is a great place to swim if you are serious about working out and not just getting wet as there are dedicated swimming lanes for triathlon trainees. There are also lifeguards on duty who can help you out if you happen to need emergency assistance.


The Lakefront Bike Path is a scenic route for running, walking, biking or jogging. The good thing about this route is that you can use it no matter how much or how little time you have to exercise on any given day. Simply choose a spot, get going and then head back home or stay out in town and enjoy yourself.

If you are looking for a centrally located apartment in Chicago that offers easy access to these and other great places to exercise, consider giving us a call. We are very close to Lake Shore Drive, the CTA red line, and various city bus routes.

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