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Special Occasions

What better way to decorate your Chicago apartments than with a jack-o-lantern. But first, you must pick out the perfect pumpkin. Here are some tips for choosing the right one.


There are four things you’ll want to particularly look out for so that you won’t find hidden rot the moment you sink your knife in and you’ll be sure to get a long-lasting jack-o-lantern.

  1. Firm All Over: The pumpkin might look perfect, but if you find any soft spots on it, it’s better to leave that one in the patch. Soft spots are a sure sign that the pumpkin’s beauty is only skin deep and things are starting to rot on the inside.
  2. Frost Damage: If it’s been chilly, you want to look out for this, as it will shorten the life of a good looking pumpkin. Look for dullness at the top of the pumpkin, particularly close to the stem, this means it’s been damaged by the frost.
  3. More Orange: The brighter the better! The pumpkin might have a little bit of green on it, but if there’s a lot, or any other significant discoloration going on, it’s time to look elsewhere.
  4. Avoid Blemishes: This is one rule you want to be meticulous about. Even a very small brown spot can be a sign that the bugs have gotten in.


When you’re making a jack-o-lantern, it’s not just good health that will get you a good looking final result. Here are some other considerations to make sure you get the perfect one.

  1. What Shape Is It In?: A round or oval pumpkin is going to best facilitate carving. Plus, it’s more likely to have a cavity fully filled with seeds than a misshapen pumpkin. And once roasted, those seeds are the most delicious benefits to pumpkin carving.
  2. Knock, Knock: Choose a pumpkin that sounds hollow. The thickness of the skin will be perfect for carving.

Whether you’re looking for the perfect studio, 1- or 2-bedroom apartments in Chicago in which to carve your perfect pumpkin, our leasing office is here to help you out. Get in touch for more information.

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