How to Welcome Your New Neighbor

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Gift BasketAll it takes is a simple smile, a warm welcome or a little note to make a new neighbor feel welcome. Discover some of the amazing and creative ways that residents of our apartments in Chicago can welcome their new neighbors to the community.

Leave a Beautiful Painted Rock at the Door

Painting rocks is a craze that has taken the nation by storm. People have been painting rocks with everything from inspirational sayings to detailed artwork and leaving them around cities and parks for people to find, but it can also be used to welcome new neighbors.

Leaving a painted rock at a new neighbor's door is a great way to welcome them to the community. Not only will they feel welcome, but they will have a memento that will last them a lifetime.

Create a Local Gift Basket

If you happen to know that a new neighbor just moved to the area from out of state, a local gift basket is a great way to welcome them to the community. Take a basket and fill it with items that represent the local area. Some great items to include in the basket are gift cards to local restaurants, candy or sweets from locally owned shops and crafts or other items from local artists or boutiques.

Invite Your New Neighbor for Lunch or a Cup of Coffee

Inviting your new neighbor to lunch at a local cafe or to grab a cup of coffee at a nearby coffee shop is a great way to welcome them to the community. It gives them a chance to try out a local eatery while you get a chance to learn more about your new neighbor. It also prevents you from having to invite them into your home which can be awkward if you don't know the person.

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