Planning a Valentine’s Day Movie Night

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PopcornWhether you're looking to cozy up with your significant other or just spend a fun Valentine's Day with loved ones and/or friends, a special movie night always makes for a fun occasion. Many community members in our Chicago apartments will, in fact, be doing just that this February 14, and we're here to help with the planning process. Here's a look at how to throw a fun Valentine's Day movie night this year.

How to Plan for a Valentine's Day Movie Night

Any good movie night needs a few key ingredients. Here's what you'll need to throw a Valentine's Day movie night to remember:

  • Food: Any good movie night needs a good spread. Heart-shaped pizzas make for a nice touch, and you can't have a movie night without popcorn and sodas. Make sure your guests have plenty to eat and drink.
  • The right movie: This will largely be dictated by what type of movie night you're hosting. If you're spending the evening with your own Valentine, try a more romantic movie like The Notebook, or a romantic-comedy, such as 500 Days of Summer or When Harry Met Sally. If you're hosting friends or loved ones for the evening, we'd suggest a more lighthearted romantic movie, like 50 First Dates or La La Land.
  • The right mood: Put a ban on smartphones for the evening so that you can really get into enjoying the movie night you have planned. Whether you're hanging with your significant other or your friends, it's always annoying to see someone's face buried in their phone rather than paying attention to the evening you've planned.
  • Create a comfortable atmosphere: Make sure there's adequate seating for all of your guests and things like blankets and pillows to cuddle up with. Encourage your guests to wear comfortable clothes too, as any movie night shouldn't necessarily come with a "dress to impress" type of invitation. Bottom line: Make sure your guests are in the right atmosphere to kick back and hang out for a few hours.

A movie night is how many of our community members will be celebrating Valentine's Day. What about you? Contact us today for more information on our apartments in Chicago and to see which of our floor plans are available. 

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