Maximizing Your Closet Space

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The Montrose Bedroom ClosetsAn organized closet is a wonder to behold. However, organization is in the eye of the beholder. What might work for one person might not work for someone else. Here are a few strategies for making use of every nook and cranny in your walk-in closet to make the space work for you and your wardrobe.

Making the Most of Your Closet Space

  • Find the right height for everything: Do you have a lot of long items like coats and dresses? Make sure there is sufficient space to hang those and use any extra space above or below to hang shorter items.
  • Treat your closet like a room: When you act as if your closet is a room, it takes on a charm of its own. Frame some artwork and place it on a shelf, add a special mirror, or put some books or shade plants on top of a dresser. Find a pretty lamp and let it cast extra light on your wardrobe. Any effort you put into dressing up your closet will result in a fabulous place to try out new clothes and make your old clothes shine in a new way.
  • Organize your clothes: There is no one right approach to hanging up your clothes. Find a method that works best for your personality. Some ideas are to hang your clothes by color, by type, or by length. When your clothes are organized, it becomes a lot easier to find just the right outfit every time.
  • Buy the right hangers: Start with hangers that all match in color. Then think about which hanger styles are right for your clothes. Pick skirt hangers for skirts and trouser hangers for pants. These will save you a lot of storage space and can be very visually appealing. Covered hangers can prevent slippage and keep your clothes lasting much longer. Having matching, high quality, visually pleasing hangers provides a sense of order to your closet and can be a good investment.

Here at The Montrose Apartments in Chicago, we offer walk-in closets so you can organize your wardrobe according to your own style. Call us today to find out what other luxury features we have available right in the heart of Chicago's historic Uptown neighborhood.

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