Keep Your Pets Cool During Summer

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Dog in the Grass Our Chicago apartments are perfect for your pet. They are spacious, comfortable and pet friendly. But when summer comes, you have to pay special attention to your pet to ensure it is cool and well hydrated. Here are some tips to keep your pets cool during summer.

Have Your Pet Groomed

Your pet should have a professional grooming session before the hottest days of summer arrive. Pets develop a winter coat to help keep them warm in winter. This is especially true in Chicago, IL where winter temperatures drop below freezing. In summer, your pet could use some help to get rid of that winter coat, and a professional grooming is a solution. Your pet will have their winter coat brushed out, and will receive a lovely trim to get rid of excess fur.

Provide Plenty of Water

Never let your pet’s water bowl become empty, even while you’re at work. Pets need plenty of water to stay hydrated. They keep themselves cool by salivating, but pets can’t salivate without adequate water. The best thing is to make sure your pet’s water bowl is extra large, so even long drinks won’t leave the bowl dry.

Make Shade

If you plan to let your pets out on your balcony, be sure to make shade with an umbrella. Shade will give your pets the option of getting out of the sun for a while to cool off.

Walk on Grass, Not Pavement

You know yourself how hot the Chicago pavement can be. Imagine if you had to walk barefoot on that pavement! That’s what it can be like for your pet when you bring them for walks. Instead of walking them on the sidewalks in summer, bring your pet to a park that is pet friendly. The cool grass will be much nicer on your pet’s paws, and they’ll be able to play longer and get more exercise.

Avoid the Hottest Times of the Day

Carefully choose the times of the day when you bring your pet outdoors. Train your pet to go outside with you in the early morning or at dusk when the sun is lower on the horizon.

These tips to keep your pets cool in summer will ensure that your pet enjoys the long, lazy days of summer as much as you do! To see our available apartments in Chicago, contact us today.

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