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HouseplantsDo you want to live a more sustainable lifestyle? It is possible to go green when living in an apartment. Here are some amazing tips and tricks for eco-friendly apartment living.

#1 Use Natural Cleaning Products

If you like to keep your apartment clean and tidy, you probably use a variety of cleaning products to eliminate bacteria and kill germs. The problem is that these products contain a lot of harmful ingredients. Most chemical cleaning products have a list of warnings on the side of the label. These warnings alert consumers to the fact that the cleaning products are dangerous to one’s health. So, skip the normal cleaning chemicals and opt for formulas that are all-natural and non-toxic. Some good brands include The Honest Company and Method Cleaning Products.

#2 Use Window Coverings to Control Temperature

Heat loss and gain through windows can drive up your energy bills. Eco-friendly window treatments are kinder to the environment, and they help you save money by reducing the amount of energy you need to heat or cool your apartment.

#3 Ventilate Your Space

Ventilating your apartment can help make it more eco-friendly and healthier. It allows indoor chemicals and toxins to escape from your space. It can also reduce your air conditioner use. Ventilate your windows frequently to circulate fresh air. Even during the winter, open the windows for just for a few minutes.

#4 Get Some Plants

Plants naturally purify the air. They take in carbon dioxide and return oxygen to the air in its place. Plants also soak up heavy metals and absorb toxic chemicals from the air. So, place plants in every room in your apartment. Select plants that are easy to maintain and are indoor-friendly.

#5 Shop Vintage or Thrift Shops

Outfitting your apartment with used furniture helps to reduce waste. It can also give your space a stylish look as vintage is fashionable right now. Plus, you can save money by shopping at thrift stores, vintage shops and flea markets. Another bonus to buying used furniture is that it does not typically release harmful chemicals. New furniture contains chemicals that may release chemicals for years to come.

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