Cold Soups as Your Main Course This Summer

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Carrot SoupSoup. It’s that yummy hot stuff in a bowl. But when it’s summer, try it cold. We at The Montrose in Chicago, Illinois, want to share a few cold soup ideas for you to experience.

5 Chilled Soups for Summer Main Course Meals

1. Watermelon Gazpacho With Corn

What doesn’t say summer more than watermelon and corn? This soup has it all. Cool down a hot summer day with this soup made with ginger, vinegar, and fresh mint. As a main course meal, this soup will fill you up, but it's not too heavy—just enough to let you relax.

2. Red Pepper Soup

Red bell peppers are combined with sumac, verbena leaves, and Greek yogurt to create a soup that explodes with taste like the crackle of a late afternoon thunderstorm. A little zesty and a little sweet, you’ll smack your lips together enjoying it (and the thunderstorm).

3. Curried Carrot Soup

Creamy, sultry, slightly spicy, this soup—though chilled—will warm you up. Carrots blended smooth like silk with coconut milk and topped with crunchy pine nuts or pumpkin seeds. Healthy, soothing, ultra-mesmerizing, it’ll be the talk of dinners to come.

4. Beet Soup With Horseradish Sour Cream

This deep maroon-colored soup is festive and easy to make. A dollop of this and that, and you're done. Easy, healthy, tasty. Pair it with a nice bottle of wine and some roasted leftover chicken and you have a full meal.

5. Cucumber and Dill Soup

Who says dill is only for potato salads or pickled veggies? You can enjoy it in your chilled cucumber soup. Combined with fresh herbs, this soup is tangy, creamy, and refreshing—perfect for a hot summer’s day. Garnish it with some buttery shrimp to transform it into a meal.

Transform Chilled Soups Into Beautiful Main Course Meals

Unlike hot soups, you don’t have to feel restricted serving these colorful soups in a bowl. Get crafty. Choose jars or wine glasses to serve these soups as main course meals. Make it fun, and make it tasty. 

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