Living in an Apartment and Cybersecurity: What You Need to Know

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If you're like most people, one of the first steps that you'll take after moving into your new home involves setting up your Wi-Fi network to get all of your computers, smartphones, tablets and other devices onto the Internet. This isn't a complicated process at all, but be warned — there are a few important things you'll want to keep in mind regarding cybersecurity, in particular, to help make sure you stay as protected as possible at all times.

Put a Password on Your Network

The first thing you should always do when setting up a Wi-Fi network for your apartment involves enabling any security features that your router may have. Go into the "Settings" area of your router's software and immediately select the WPA2 security protocol.

WPA2 is the second — and more sophisticated — of two available security options for your Internet access. WPA also allows you to add a password, but WPA2 uses a more advanced algorithm that is better suited for today's modern environments. 

Change That Password Regularly

As often as possible, use a tool like "Little Snitch" (which is available for free) to view a list of all the devices on your network. Every item you see should be a device you actually own and use — if you see an entry that you don't recognize, it means that there's an unauthorized device using your Internet and you'll want to remove that device as soon as you can.

Likewise, be sure to go back into your router's settings and change your WPA2 password on a regular basis — at least once a year, if not more frequently. This will help make sure that nobody has been able to circumnavigate your security efforts and infiltrate your network without your knowledge. Remember that you're as responsible as the ISP account holder for any activity on your network, authorized or not. This is one of those situations that you absolutely don't want to take any chances with. 

Provided that you follow these basic tips, cybersecurity won't be something you have to worry about at all — you can continue to use all of your devices, free from compromise, with as few downsides as possible.

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