How to Turn Garage Sale Duds Into Works of Art

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Scouring your local garage sales can be a great way to spend an afternoon. You’re essentially getting a glimpse of other people’s lives, whether you find something you like there or not. But the really fun thing about garage sales is that they offer all kinds of opportunities to the creative crafter or the opportunistic entrepreneur. Here are just a few key points to keep in mind if you’re looking to turn your duds into treasures.

Paint It

This is usually the first rule of garage sale crafting. There are so many pieces of furniture out there that would look fantastic if they just had a little update. Spray paint can cover up anything from chips to small amounts of rust, and most are incredibly easy to use. You can buy spray paint with rust protection that dries in just a few minutes!

Look Beyond the Object

A bunch of books you’ll never read? A typewriter you’ll never use? You don’t have to skip over these objects if you can look past the initial use of the item. For example, you could use the typewriter as a decoration at the very top of your bookshelf, or you can stack the books in an artful way, fuse them together, and then use that as your nightstand table. Your creativity can really shine through if you just use a little more imagination.

Doing the Research

Believe it or not, there are plenty of ways to find treasures that don’t need any repair or renovation if you know what to look for. Many homeowners don’t realize that they’re selling valuable objects for a fraction of what they’d fetch on the open market, and it only takes a little research on auction websites to learn more about which antiques and used items are in demand.

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