How to Get a Better Night’s Sleep Naturally

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sleepIf you struggle with falling asleep at night, you certainly aren’t alone. In today’s fast-paced world that's increasingly filled with distractions, winding down in the evening can be challenging. Here are a few easy ways to promote a better night’s slumber naturally.

Reduce Anxiety Before Bedtime

Regardless of age, most people feel anxiety creep up on them at some time during the day. A few tips for alleviating stress-related tension that can cause restlessness include:

  • Resolve worries to some extent by jotting them down and setting them aside for the night.
  • Get sufficient exercise during the day, but use caution to not exercise heavily two hours prior to bedtime.
  • Try to spend ample time outdoors during the day to synchronize circadian rhythms to promote the body’s natural sleep patterns.
  • Ease anxiety in the evening with a warm bath or shower, reading or with meditative practices.

Set a Sleep Schedule — And Stick To It

Experts advise those with sleep issues to get in bed at a certain time every night — even on weekends — when possible. This consistency encourages the body’s circadian rhythms that assist your sleep-wake cycle, which means that you have a better chance of getting those seven recommended hours of sleep nightly. If you take naps, limit these as well to minimize disrupting this natural cycle.

Use Caution at Bedtime With Food and Drinks

Big meals can wreak havoc on the stomach if eaten too close to bedtime, which can prevent a good night’s rest. Other culprits that tend to prevent sleep include spicy, acid-inducing foods and alcohol. While alcohol may induce sleep, it is a known sleep disrupter. Stimulants like caffeine and nicotine can take hours to eradicate from the body and can cause sleeping issues.

Design a Restful Environment and Routine

An ideal routine for sleeping includes turning off electronics and other stimulating devices at least an hour before bedtime. Furthermore, create an ambiance designed for sleeping within the bedroom. Keep the space cool and dark while trying to sleep, and use earplugs or soft music if it seems to assist in successful sleep.

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