5 Fun Outdoor Workout Ideas for Summer

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The Montrose Swimming PoolSummer is the perfect time to rev up your fitness goals and try something new. The best way to stick with your fitness plan is to keep it interesting, and living at The Montrose provides you with a variety of ways to stay fit right on-site.

1. Circuit Training

If the summer heat is tempting you to skip your outdoor workout, you can work out in our air-conditioned fitness center. A circuit training program can help you burn calories, lose fat and tone up using our high-quality fitness equipment.

2. Walk or Run With Your Dog

Exercise is twice as much fun with your four-legged friends. Our Chicago apartments are pet friendly, and if you own a dog, you’ll always have a walking or running companion. Afterward, take your dog to our on-site dog park so you can socialize with other dogs and their owners.

3. Swimming

Swimming is a great way to stay fit without excessive impact on your knee, ankle, and hip joints. The Montrose features a resort-style swimming pool so you can burn calories in the water and stay cool all summer long.

4. Parks and Fitness Trails

Tired of walking or running on a treadmill or a boring city sidewalk? Consider venturing out on a park fitness trail instead. Exercising in nature can be very invigorating and help to breathe new life into your summer workouts.

5. Interval Training

High impact interval training (HIIT) can energize your workout and make your fitness efforts more efficient and effective. Just three 20 minute workouts per week can bring tremendous benefits.

Sample Interval Training Workout

  • Stretch and warm up
  • 30 seconds of 80 to 90 percent exertion  
  • 60 to 90 seconds of light exertion
  • Repeat eight times total
  • Cool down

The workout activity is your choice, as long as you can exert yourself at a minimum of 80 percent capacity. Consult with a health professional before beginning this or any workout routine.

Summer fitness is a breeze at our Chicago apartments. Consider trying these summer workout ideas, and if you don’t already live here, contact us today to learn more about available floor plans.

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