Mirror Magic: Using Mirrors to Enhance Your Space

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mirrorMany individuals might think it would be nice to have a five-figure budget to hire an interior designer to optimize their space. However, there are a variety of much less expensive ways to maximize the appeal of your living areas in one of our Chicago apartments. One of the most effective and less costly ways to have an immediate impact is to wisely deploy some carefully chosen and placed mirrors.

The eyes have it, and mirrors make it happen

The human brain works far more on perception than it does on the literal translation of what the eyes see. That means it is possible to trick our eyes and senses into thinking areas in Chicago apartments are brighter and larger if some simple optical tools are put to work. Since mirrors are basically reflectors of light, they can help you bend that light to your advantage. Here are a few basic tips for using mirrors in your space.

  • Place mirrors where they reflect natural light into your spaces. Windows are the primary source of this light, of course. However, properly positioning mirrors to reflect this light into different living areas will enhance the power of that light. This is especially the case if the mirror is placed on a dark wall and diffuses that light sponge.
  • Expand narrow spaces with larger mirrors. Skinny hallways and small bathrooms are immediately enhanced with the proper mirror. Think tall and wide with curves and geometric shapes for these mirrors, and add to the effect with accent lights. You’ll be stunned by the added sense of spaciousness.
  • Choose your reflections. Even if your primary objective is to capture and spread light, take time to evaluate what your mirror is reflecting. Use the right objects in front of the mirrors, such as a floral display, for added depth. Also, make sure the reflection is not picking up your bathroom or bedroom and sharing it into other community spaces

As a final tip, think big. Mirrors are so popular with designers as a key element that you will find them in all shapes, sizes, and frames. You might find a larger mirror works better to enlarge your space.

Come visit us today at the Montrose and visualize one of our apartments in Chicago with your strategically placed mirrors.   

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