3 Fun Conversation Starters to Jump-Start Your Summer Bash

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conversationIf it always takes a little while for your party guests to begin talking and enjoying each other’s company, you may want to introduce conversation starters to jump-start your summer bash. With fun games that act as conversation starters, people tend to quickly start connecting with each other. So, build up the next bash at your apartments in Chicago with these interesting activities.


If you have a bunch of movie and music enthusiasts coming together, give them a chance to play Famous to get to know each other. Once all your guests arrive, have them come together in a circle to play. Start by saying the name of a famous person everyone will know. The next person should say the name of another famous person who is connected to the first in some way. Then, the next person will guess the connection, and then the game starts over.


With Bingo, you can have all the guests at your Chicago apartments get to know each other a little bit better in a short amount of time. You will have to set up this game ahead of time, using your knowledge of your guests. Create the playing boards by putting personal characteristics of each guest into the squares. When your guests arrive, pass out the cards and have them try to fill them in by asking the other guests leading questions.


You will have your guests howling in laughter within minutes by playing Teeth. To start this game, have everyone pick their favorite fruit or vegetable. Then start by saying the name of their choice fruit or vegetable twice, then the name of the next one in line. For example, your group may start by saying “blackberry blackberry, cauliflower cauliflower.” Then, the next starts with “cauliflower cauliflower.” The catch is that each player must say their phrase without once showing their teeth. If the person talking shows their teeth, then anyone in the group can alert the rest by yelling “teeth” and flapping their arms in protest.

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