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The nutritional and exercise requirements for maintaining your goal body weight, strength, and cardiovascular and respiratory health are actually simple. But, today’s selection of endless options causes confusion that can lead to indecision. Here's some sound advice for our residents here in The Montrose apartments in Chicago: Go back to the basics. Whether your goal is to lose weight, build muscle, or run an endurance race, you just need to focus on the essentials of health and fitness.

Use Simple Exercise Routines

Join a gym or grab a pair of dumbbells from your local department store. Use a favorite exercise video or just do your own 30-minute or more daily routine of movements you learned in your high school gym class, to burn calories, strengthen muscles, and increase cardiovascular endurance. Alternate between several routines for continued results.

Commit to Healthier Eating Habits

Find an eating strategy that you actually enjoy. There are plenty of useful eating plans that include eating real foods. Ignore temporary diets and fad potions, and choose a long-term eating program that suits your lifestyle. Get rid of high-calorie, low-nutrient sauces, beverages, and processed foods. Keep a healthy inventory of food on hand.

Monitor Your Progress

You can monitor your weight or track changes in how your jeans fit. Jump on the scale every other week or so, if you wish. Or, keep a weight-tracking journal, or wear a Fitbit-type device to monitor your body movements. Just pick a monitoring method that suits you to help you keep moving toward your fitness goal.

Remember, Be Patient

Today's culture has us all demanding to have what we want now. We can get information, delivery foods, movies, music, all immediately on demand. However, for health and fitness, patience is required. If you commit to living a healthier lifestyle for just six months, you can change your life.

The Montrose

The many high-end features of The Montrose apartments include floor-to-ceiling windows, 9- and 10-foot ceilings, city and lake views, gourmet kitchens, 24-hour staffed building entry, resort-style swimming pool, and numerous other luxury features and amenities. For more information about our apartment community and available floor plans, contact our excellent staff at The Montrose apartments in Chicago, IL, by calling (866) 659-3593.

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